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Laural’s Story of Abuse

Laural’s Signs of Being Abused

I found out I was being abused upon reading the types of abuse and having experienced verbal and physical abuse as a child at the hands of my mother.

Laural’s Emotional Signs of Abuse

Self Pity, Sadness, Depression

Laural’s Story of Abuse

Laural's Story of Abuse on VerbalAbuseJournals.comI was with my ex for 11 months, it would have been a year next month.

When I met him I knew he was a bitter person and thought of women negatively due to having his heart broken 3 times and not being able to see his daughter. I felt sorry for him and promised him I would never leave and that I wanted to be the woman to show him that I accept him flaws and all.

Throughout our relationship he lied to me about simple things on many occasions – for example, he said he was working when really he was on social assistance. When I confronted him about it, he blew up on me and told me I was stupid and didn’t listen to him when he told me that he was on assistance.

Sometimes I would be driving him around and he’d tell me to make a left turn but I’d make a right and he told me I was a stupid idiot.

We were driving another day and he told me that I dress like a lesbian and that he wants to show off his girl and that is why he does not bring me around his friends.

We went to the movies one night and he told me that I should have dressed better and that how I dress says something about myself and that he dresses way better than me.

He would also tell me things like he wanted to break up with me many times but that I always pushed for it to work – which wasn’t true, but that is how he seen it.

There were times I cried in front of him because of things he said and he did not even put his arm around me to try comforting me, he just watched me cry.

I have since broken it off with him and he blames me and says that I was very impatient and stupid and that I seemed attached to him and that he did not want a serious relationship. Even if that was true, throughout the entire relationship he took whatever I could give to him – rides, money, food, my time and effort – and gave me nothing in return. I have nothing to show from him, he benefited a lot.

I don’t know why I still think of him from time to time but I hope one day he will see that he took me for granted. He cheated on me in the relationship and I sometimes feel like he is probably in another relationship with someone who he thinks was better looking and better for him.

I am a skinny girl to him who doesn’t dress up enough and apparently I am really boring and do not talk much.

Since leaving him I am proud to say I am much happier and feel free, it’s just that at times I really do think about it and pity myself but I know one day I will get over it. Thanks for providing this outlet.

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