Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.

Kathy’s Story of Abuse

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Kathy’s Signs of Being Abused

Articles on line. Read the book by Barbara Engel called The Emotionally Abusive Relationship.

Kathy’s Emotional Signs of Abuse

Fear, Confusion, Numbness

Kathy’s Story of Abuse

3 years of crazy-making behavior.

Kathy's story of abuseLeaving in fear of saying the wrong thing would set him off.

I was called names like “Bitch” or “Fucking Nag” if I ever mentioned my concern about our relationship. Everything was always my fault. He was unable to admit any responsibility. I had a counselor the first year of our relationship and she advised me, “Remain aware of his control issues and not to lose myself.”

I still do some things that are for me, but he moved us to a place out of town, away from my friends. I even followed this man 1,400 miles to look for work. During this entire period, he remained married, going through a divorce. I stayed by his side forever faithful.

  • Faithful through the name calling
  • Faithful through all the times he told me to get the Fuck out
  • Faithful through all his unemployment challenges
  • Faithful through all the accusations
  • Faithful through all silence.

No one would even know there was trouble. They would see the smiles in public.

But I am living in a very dark place.

Currently, trying to get a place of my own. I moved here because of him. I sold my furniture, and took a job paying half of what I was making. Therefore, I am having extreme difficulties trying to secure an apartment for me.

I have no living relatives. He was my only family. During all this crazy-making behavior he continued to neglect me more and more as time goes on. No phone calls, no loving gestures.

He would ignore me and my needs. When I asked him to hold me that I needed him that day, he would respond, “Well I needed you this morning, but…” Again this is my fault.

This cross is too heavy for me to bear.

Today, I am breaking the silence.

Signed, Faithfully

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