Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.

Diana’s Story of Abuse

Diana’s Signs of Being Abused

I first justified his actions, I found out when he verbally wanted me to feel disgusted with myself, and by seeing these videos.

Diana’s Emotional Signs of Abuse

Guilt, Depression, Low Self-Esteem

Diana’s Story of Abuse

break your silence of abuseI am 18 years old and my ex is 23-years-old. We have been together for a year.

It started with him being my best friend and the person I always had fun with, I fell in love with this person and had wonderful times, but every little thing upset him, with time I stopped seeing my friends, I stopped doing many hobbies, I started to dedicate all my free time to him.

Every time we argued he made me feel like it was me the problem, I always begged him for forgiveness since I believed him and felt ashamed with myself.

Just a few hours ago we argued because I felt sad about his behavior and he told me that he doesn’t have to hear a childish person, I got angry, he laughed at me and we got to a very destructive point where he actually slapped me and grabbed my neck and pushed me into the window while choking me… after that he kicked me out and I came home to sleep, I felt very tired..

I do not want to go back living like this, my only problem is how can I regain the person I was.

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