Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.

Destiny’s Story of Abuse

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Destiny’s Signs of Being Abused

I found out when a friend who was in a verbally abusive relationship brought it to my attention. After that I started to notice the signs more and more.

Destiny’s Emotional Signs of Abuse

Depression, Anger, and Confusion

Destiny’s Story of Abuse

My husband is a soldier and currently deployed. There is so much I truly don’t know where to start…

break your silence of abuseWe just had a baby boy – he is 3 months old – and 2 weeks after he was born, my husband went to a rave, which he knows I absolutely hate, and lied to me about it! But when I found out the truth, I asked him why he wouldn’t just tell me the truth.

He replied because I would have gotten mad, but said he didn’t care – he would do what he wanted and I couldn’t stop him. He didn’t come home until 11 the next morning.

I called him and started to cry, so he hung up and turned off his phone. I asked him why he would do that and he replied “You were pissing me off”. When he finally got home he said not to talk to him or he would leave, and he did when I tried to resolve our issues.

  • He told me he would divorce me if I had a problem with him going out and if I was going to ask questions about it.
  • Another time I wore jeans with holes in them and he wouldn’t talk to me for 3 hours. When he did, it was just to say I looked like a whore and asked who I was trying to impress.
  • He gets mad at me if I “give him attitude” and will hang up on me with no warning, no I love you, nothing. He knows I can’t call him back since he is [deployed to a combat zone].
  • He says, “Why should I tell you I love you if you have a stupid ass attitude?!”
  • He buys anything and everything he wants but only gives me $400 a month for me and to buy my son whatever he needs. If I need more, he makes me ask for it.
  • He acts like a rude ass around my family which makes me uncomfortable and makes me just want to leave.
  • He tells me all the time that he resents me because I get to be with our son everyday. He says I have an easy life because all I have to do is take care of our son.
  • He gets really angry when I say I want a job.
  • I am so scared all the time to say the wrong thing in fear he will get mad and leave me or something.

Someone please tell me if I am crazy or if I am in an abusive relationship?

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