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Courtney’s Story of Abuse

A woman with wide piece of tape over her mouth. She looks angry. Text says 'Break your silence'

How Courtney Found Out She Was Being Abused

One day he hit the dog after she was bad and it caused fear that he could hit me.

Words Courtney Chose to Describe Her Abusive Experience

Sadness, Failure, Frustration

Courtney’s Story of Abuse

Three years ago I married the happy, funny, caring, smart, loving guy who made me laugh and feel special. He grew up in a broken home, but I thought he didn’t want that and would be strong. I was wrong, he only knows what he grew up with and that is what comes out when we fight. Things that should be a discussion end up being heated fights.

he only knows what he grew up with and that is what comes out when we fight. Things that should be a discussion end up being heated fights.Now he says mean things and doesn’t seem to care if I cry. He thinks his way is the only way….he speaks to me like I am a child.

We tried counseling and it just made things worse…it made me blame him and for him to feel blamed. I don’t know how to try anymore or what to do since nothing seems right. Even he tells me I don’t try and I know that isn’t true.

I accepted a job in another town and we both were going to move, but now I think I want to have a fresh start on my own! I don’t want this marriage to kill who I am and who I can be. It isn’t worth it! Now, I just need to be able to tell him.

It is sad because I will be another person who leave him and lets him down. He will hate me and blame me for all this. It breaks my heart and kills me with sadness. I have to leave the man I love because no one taught him how to love and treat me….that is the super sad part! I have to be strong….just because he doesn’t know better, doesn’t make it right.

I am in an abusive marriage and I am leaving.

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