Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.

Marla’s Story of Abuse

A woman with wide piece of tape over her mouth. She looks angry. Text says 'Break your silence'

Marla’s Signs of Being Abused

We went to marriage counseling.

Marla’s Emotional Signs of abuse

Crazy, Insane, Useless

Break the silence of domestic violenceHorrible. I thought I could do nothing right. Red flags I didn’t pay attention to.

I was raised in a terrific family, so I didn’t know the signs of abuse. Small things like

  • Forbidding me to do this or that.
  • Telling me I would pay if I divorced him.
  • Stomping around angry and not talking.
  • Dumping stuff out of perfectly clean drawers in the house and telling me to clean them up (which I did then)…

…but after going to therapist, she told me me to stand up for myself and I did. She told me the abuse would increase, which it did.

But after l8 years, I got out…

Do not stay with a man that mistreats you. The peace is so great once you get rid of walking on egg shells.