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Felicia’s Story of Abuse

Felicia's Story of Abuse

Felicia’s Signs of Being Abused

He hides behind threatening me, name calling, and kicking or throwing things and hitting me with paper folders and other items. He is awful and scares me.The abuse started when he tried to hurt me physically and make me cry – I am so afraid of him hurting me that if ever tries to hit me again I will have to leave.

Felicia’s Emotional Signs of Abuse

Rage, Shame, Anger

Felicia’s Story of Abuse

My husband is a rager and probably an alcoholic – he may even have Alzheimer’s or the beginning of it. He is trying to hide his shame behind threatening me, name calling, and physical threats like kicking or throwing things and hitting me with paper folders and other items. He is awful and scares me and makes me wish I had never married him.

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