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Catherine’s Story of Abuse

Catherine's Story of Abuse

Catherine’s Signs of Being Abused

Catherine's Story of AbuseA counselor told me that I was in a relationship that was not going to get better. She said I should leave. I had a baby and thought I could cope. Years later I went to another counselor and she had me answer some questions about abusive relationships. I answered yes to almost all. She shattered my reality!

So another year or so on…and I am shutting down from my husband all together…it is exhausting to try and keep up the fight (does he care or doesn’t he)…Just read “The Abusive Relationship” by Patricia Evans. Good and clear of the details of what makes an abusive relationship. Where to from here?

Catherine’s Emotional Signs of Abuse

Helplessness, Anger, Frustration

Catherine’s Story of Abuse

My husband and I met through a friend. He was/is Christian…thought I was safe! He started repressing my attempts to express and assert myself the day after we were married (7 years ago). I was shocked and numb from then on.

How can he be like this? Uncaring words, blaming, raging and hostile body language are a weekly event. I feel ashamed that I have someone talk to me like that. I do not want to do anything with him.

He seems to think in polar ways. Someone is for him and then they are against him. He trusts very few people. He talks about The New World Order and thinks the world is going to fold at anytime...we better be ready.

Dreams we spoke of when we were first married are denied me now. I thought were getting a house when I started back at work. No. He changed his mind and has invested our money in other things. He says I hold onto things too tightly. No. I am sick of moving. We have moved 5 times in 7 years!  The tension this brings us is not worth it!!!!

He says one thing and does another...I feel like I can't trust my own ideas and feelings on things.

Am I crazy? Do I have a right to be angry and withdrawn now? When I speak I get so disappointed in our relationship, that I could yell and scream myself. Am I becoming like him?

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