Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.

Pride and Greed

Pride and Greed were walking a darkened path. Pride was talking excitedly about the wonderful ideas floating around inside of her. She was full of promise. Her enthusiasm acted as a torchlight, guiding their steps down the darkened path.

Pride spoke so eloquently and confidently that Greed believed her. He believed that she held the key to glory. He believed that everything she touched would turn to gold. Pride seemed to agree with him. She was so sure she had all the answers, and Greed became certain he wanted them.

Suddenly, Greed wanted Pride to be his forever. He wanted to make Pride his own so she would be his help mate. He wanted her light for himself, but she was so wonderful, he feared she would never want to be with the likes of him.

Greed sought to dim her light just enough to make her his equal, so Greed began to question Pride’s statements.

Pride said, “…and the grass is green because of a photochemical-“

“Have you seen this chemical?” Greed asked.

“Well, no. I don’t have to see it to know it is there.”

“Yes you do. If you can’t see it, you cannot be sure it’s there,” Greed argued.

Pride asquiesced, “You are right. If I cannot see it, then I cannot be sure it is there.” Her light dimmed a little, and Greed thought he was bringing her closer to being like him.

Pride continued, “But there are ways that I can see it. I will buy a microscope and-“

Greed began laughing. “Oh my, you are funny. How will you buy a microscope on your salary? You do not have a job to support your fantasies,” he said.

Pride’s light dimmed a little more. “You are right,” Pride said, “I cannot afford a microscope, but I can go to the library. I will bring you a book that teaches of photochemicals, then even though we cannot see it, we will know it is there.”

Greed said, “That is silly. Anyone can write a book and say whatever he wants to say in it. There’s always some sucker willing to believe a silly lie because it is printed there.”

Pride’s light faded to a pale glow. “You are right. There are people like that in the world. Perhaps I don’t know as much as I thought I knew about the world.” Her light dimmed lower still. “I’m worried. I’m scared that what I knew earlier is a lie and that I have no way to care for myself. I am sad that my ideas are doomed to failure.” And her light went out.

Greed grabbed Pride’s arm and stopped her. He saw that her torch had gone out and thought now he could have her. Now she would want him, her light would return, and it would be his. He said, “You know, this world is a dark place. Very dangerous for you who will believe anything. Let me protect you. Be my wife.”

Pride glanced around in the darkness and saw nothing, not even the sly smile on Greed’s lips. She was scared. “Okay. I will marry you.”

But now their path was dark. Neither could see where the path had gone. They stumbled about, falling hard on their faces more than once.

“Dammit,” Greed said, “turn on your light! I cannot see anything and we are hurting!”

“What light?” Pride asked. “You said you would protect me! You said that you would save me! I know nothing of the ways of this world, dear husband. I do not have a light.”

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