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Declutter with a Theme

bright light coming through white sheer curtains making the wall it is on dark. Plant on windowsill is happy it's owner decluttered as part of her self-care today.

Make Your Home More You

I am getting rid of some possessions that reflect “the old me” and keeping ones that project “who I am, was at heart, and always will be.”

If something I own does not support the idea that I am “strong and vibrant”, then it is finding a new home.

Self-Care Tip: Declutter with a theme. Who do you want to be? For me, the answer was “strong and vibrant.” Decide on two or three words to describe “who I am, was and always will be at heart.” Now get rid of anything that doesn’t make you feel that way.

Now I’m sitting at the table, thinking about the trunk full of books to take to the used book store (about 70% of my collection) and looking at moving boxes I plan to deliver to the Salvation Army or Goodwill (about 60% of the stuff in my kitchen hutch, display case, and office). All of these things remind me of bad events, were given to me for a manipulative reason, or reflect the time that I spent trying to be someone I am not. Good riddance, right?

Journal if You’re Decluttering with Anxiety

But I am so anxious! Why am I getting that unthinking panic feeling in my gut? Why am I wondering if I couldn’t use those boxes for end tables…a pretty cloth would cover the box and…STOP!

Frantically, I start scribbling in my journal. Free flow, let the feeling out. After a bit, I get the following bit of information:

Fear and panic (like this) are signs that I am thinking of NOT being who I am. I am thinking of ignoring myself, denying who I am, and my ol’ heart just can’t take the thought of retreating to the dark recesses again.

Self-Care Tip: Journal without thinking about the words. Just write, free-flowing. Eventually, you will get to the truth of the matter without even thinking about it. This works really well when you’re feeling something uncomfortable and don’t really know why.

Immediately, I think, “So what do I do? How do I stop the panic so I can be me?”

And that gentle, other voice replies:

“Know that this anxiety is a reaction to doing something that has previously brought you pain. You were punished for being you. Going into your false identity was safer, you thought. You’re wiser now, but coming out of the false identity you so dutifully crafted isn’t easy. You know you will be punished for being you again; only this time, you have no desire to compromise. You will not shrink, you will not fail.

“Plod forward, day by day, to extricate your truth. Do not second guess your decision to be strong and vibrant. Know that this anxiety is a habitual reaction and will dissipate as your false habits vanish. Deliver the books and objects to another heart seeking her truth…they will be met with open arms as I am standing here now, arms open, welcoming your warm light into the folds of truth, encouragement and love.

“You are never alone. You will not fail to be you.”

Featured photo by Beth Jnr

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