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A Self-Care Journaling Exercise: 5 and 2

decorative title, states "Self-care Tip for Abuse Survivors: 5 and 2"

What beliefs are giving you trouble? Which ones are worth carrying forward into the future? There’s an exercise called “5 and 2” and it asks you to choose five beliefs to keep and two beliefs to let go. What’s good for you to keep and what’s better left behind?

Here are my thoughts on 5 and 2 today:

5 things I’m taking forward:

  • the belief that pattern breaking is my path to freedom.
  • the belief that positive change is occurring because I’m allowing it to happen.
  • the thought that a stable diet of good food, good words, good thoughts and good deeds will create a good life.
  • the belief that attending to the details will become an effortless habit.
  • the idea that I can communicate my emotions in WORDS, not actions (well, unless it’s a hug or a kiss!).

2 things I’m leaving behind:

  • the belief that gifts of money are the most valuable.
  • the doubt in myself and my abilities.

What are your 5 & 2?

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