Marla’s Story of Abuse

Marla’s Signs of Being Abused

We went to marriage counseling.

Marla’s Emotional Signs of abuse

Crazy, Insane, Useless

Break the silence of domestic violenceHorrible. I thought I could do nothing right. Red flags I didn’t pay attention to.

I was raised in a terrific family, so I didn’t know the signs of abuse. Small things like

  • Forbidding me to do this or that.
  • Telling me I would pay if I divorced him.
  • Stomping around angry and not talking.
  • Dumping stuff out of perfectly clean drawers in the house and telling me to clean them up (which I did then)…

…but after going to therapist, she told me me to stand up for myself and I did. She told me the abuse would increase, which it did.

But after l8 years, I got out…

Do not stay with a man that mistreats you. The peace is so great once you get rid of walking on egg shells.

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