Emma’s Story of Abuse

Emma’s Signs of Being Abused

Doing research online and from my own mind.

Emma’s Emotional Signs of Abuse

Sadness, Anger, Depression

Emma’s Story of Abuse

He use to hit me and push me until 2 years ago when he went on bipolar medicine. Now he's just nasty verbally to me, telling me I'm an idiot, a bitch, fat.I have a master’s in mechanical engineering and recently returned from Germany back to my home country in India. The reason being that I am preparing for my career in pure mathematics and had no other option than do my preparation at home (with my parents living in the same house obviously).

Basically my dad is physically and verbally abusive. He use to hit me and push me over stuff until two years ago when he went on a bipolar medication. Now he’s just nasty verbally to metelling me I’m an idiot, a bitch, fat (when I’m 100 pounds and he’s big himself), and a piece of shit which is his most common one.

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  1. You are amazing! How strong must you be to endure that and still manage to get a very difficult degree.
    He knows he is nothing compared to you. That’s why he is abusive. That’s all he has.
    Everything he says is bad about you is actually the best things about you and the things he knows he is.
    Remember that next time he calls you ugly or fat. He is actually saying you are beautiful and slender but I don’t want you to know that because I am ugly and fat. When he calls you idiot it’s because you are smarter than he can imagine and it terrifies him that one day you will turn that fearsome intelligence on him, like a searchlight and expose his idiocy and stupidity.
    When he calls you bitch he is really saying you are a loving and giving soul and he is a horrible ill-natured creature.
    You are everything he wishes he was and knows he can never be.
    And he wants those things, so he tries to oppress you and keep you from flying away and leaving him with only his ugly vicious self to live with.
    You will fly. You will be amazing. And you will laugh at him and the world he created for himself.

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