Emilie’s Story of Abuse

How Emilie Found Out She Was Being Abused

When you think you're strong enough to leave, he goes back to normal. The yelling s over and the nice guy you fell in love with is back. I’m still not sure. I’m 18, it still feels like I’m too much of a child to be in this mess.

Words Emilie Chose to Describe Her Abusive Experience

Confused, Angry, Embarrassed

Emilie’s Story of Abuse

Abuse. Most people think bruises, broken bones, congealer, long sleeves and of course, fear. Maybe it’s possible to have abuse with only fear.

Emotional abuse. Verbal abuse. But what is it really? Everyone gets mad once in a while. All couples argue. So how can you tell its really there? How do you know where to draw the line?

I don’t think you really can, draw the line I mean. You can’t call him out and say, “He’s verbally abusing me.” You’ve got no proof. Hell, you’re barely even sure of it yourself. There’s no scars to remind you, no hidden bruises as proof.

You just have that sense of worthlessness. And half the time, you’ve got yourself convinced its your own fault. You didn’t do the right thing, you didn’t try hard enough, you just don’t love him as much as he loves you.

So how do you know if you’re being abused? Maybe the wondering is enough to call it.

And then, just when you think you’re strong enough to leave, just when you think you’ve finally had enough, he’s back to normal again. The yelling and guilt tripping is over and the nice guy you fell in love with is back. So you’re left wondering again. Because it might have all just been in your imagination.

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