Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.

Sheri’s & Susanna’s Stories

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Sheri’s Signs of Being Abused

After the death of my mother, things escalated and I could see that no matter what I did or said he was always ready to respond with a verbal assault. I started reading and I found stories by other women that were EXACTLY identical to mine. I am sure that I am being abused and have been for the past 17 years.

Sheri’s Emotional Signs of Abuse

Trapped, Misunderstood, Alone

Sheri’s Story of Abuse

I always believed that if I could only get my spouse to understand me he would see that I was really not the way he said I was. He calls me names and I analyze myself to see if I was coming across in a way I didn’t intend to and if so what could I do to change it.

I am about to be homeless. I am scared. I don’t know what to do.

Susanna’s Signs of Being Abused

After numerous calls to the police, talking with abuse shelters, and also reading online.

Susanna’s Emotional Signs of Abuse

Trapped, Ugly, and Confused

Susanna’s Story of Abuse

I’ve been with a man for over 8 years. To be honest, I should’ve left before our three kids were born.

He is an alcoholic, a homebody, and an introvert. He shows a different story in front of others. Only a select few have seen his actions. He blames me for everything, tells me I’m a bad mom, an ugly wife, lazy, no job, retarded, cunt, whore, loser, no friends, mental.

So, after a night of fueled arguments and put-downs, he tore my pajamas and bruised my arm. Now today he’s all quiet and docile.

I know the pattern. I never get a “sorry” for anything, everything is my fault…

Some days I feel like I will snap and harm him in rebellion. I’ve put up with so much – I’m so sick of his harm. He controls the money, he says he will take my kids of whom I take such good care. I’ve lost myself – I’ve let a man take over and rule my life.

I need to get out… I need to start new… Ughh. It always feels like there is no good time to leaveHe ruins every holiday… All the time.