Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.

Nicole’s Story of Abuse

Nicole’s Signs of Being Abused

I had seen someone be abused before and realized the same thing was happening to me.

Nicole’s Emotional Signs of Abuse

Hate, Depression, and Fear

Nicole’s Story of Abuse

I was engaged to a guy who started grabbing my wrist really tight one day – it hurt me. He apologized and I of course forgave him. One day we were arguing and he pinned me down on the bed. I said something that made him angry and he just smacked me across the face.

After that it got worse, it became “You can’t leave me because no one would want you or love you like I do” and “If you leave me I will kill you and then myself.” At one point he said if I dated anyone else then he’d kill the guy I was with and me.

He cornered me at my high school choir concert (his mom was my choir teacher). People saw and did nothing. Then when we left he choked me and screamed in my face.

I had to lie to him and say I cheated on him just to get him to break up with me. But even when he broke up with me he didn’t let go. I am still not with him, but I can’t help but think that one day he’ll try to come back again.