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Melissa B’s Story of Abuse

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Melissa’s Signs of Being Abused

My story is unique compared to those who experience years in an abusive relationship. I dated the man who held me hostage for only 3 weeks. When I wanted to end the dating, the abuse started. It felt like it went on for years. Getting out was the hard part.

He constantly used fear tactics against me and I was not allowed to leave my room. If I said something wrong, I got hit. Even if I didn’t say anything and I obeyed, he hit me anyway.

Melissa’s Emotional Signs of Abuse

Fear, loss of self, loss of control

Melissa’s Story of Abuse

Melissa's domestic abuse story

I keep a blog called Everyone Keeps Saying I Will Find It Again and I am writing a book about what happened to me. It is now my goal to help other women find the strength to walk away from an abusive situation, especially those who face legal issues or identity theft issues. I am here to help. My prayers are with all victims of abuse. This epidemic needs to stop. After a 6-day long jury trial, the jury convicted my abuser of 2 counts of felony aggravated assault, felony intimidation of a victim, and false imprisonment.

I was held against my will for 2 1/2 months by a man I barely knew. I was abused in every way: physical, emotional, sexual, mental… I was unable to get out of the situation for quite some time because he instilled great fear in me. I felt brainwashed. He told me he would kill me and my family if I disgraced him.

I cut myself off from my family and friends to protect them, and I tried to get out of that situation, but it took me until I knew I was going to live or die and that I had to seek help. He didn’t know my brother, so when my brother returned from being out of town, I sought his help. I don’t know where I would be today if it hadn’t been for him and my mother.

My story is well-defined in the Denver Channel 8 news story called Affidavit: Ex-Boyfriend Held Woman Hostage For 2 Months (Editor’s note: this story WAS present at one time. It’s a decade later and the story is not there now)