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Melissa A’s Story of Abuse

Melissa's Story of Abuse at VerbalAbuseJournals.com

Melissa’s Signs of Being Abused

I checked out relationships on Google.

Melissa’s Emotional Signs of Abuse

Self-loathing, Depressed, Embarrassed

Melissa’s Story of Abuse

I have been with the same man for 9 years. It took my moving in with him for his true side to become evident. The slightest disagreement to his ideas, beliefs, or general mood escalated into a verbal onslaught, and a quick physical altercation. He pushed me at the top of our steps that cause me to trip and fall resulting in a [broken] collarbone. I suffered numerous bruises to my body and face.

Melissa's Story of Abuse at VerbalAbuseJournals.comI had a wonderful job that paid well. Needless to say after 5 years I was so humiliated by my constant absences from work (by injury, him taking the keys to the car, or just stress-induced sickness) that I became a laughing stock. My employers felt I could no longer represent their company and allowed me to resign or else I’d be fired.

He has alienated me from my children, my family, and friends.

I was denied unemployment benefits, and cannot get a job because he will not allow me to use the vehicles he owns. I have no money, no medical benefits, and seemingly, no future. I am suffering from severe depression, and several medical issues that need addressed.

My abuser has a high income and we have a beautiful home, although nothing is in my name. Everything he has is new and nice, I have 6 year old glasses, a dilapidated mattress to sleep on, and no adequate clothing. I haven’t had a winter coat in 4 years. You’d never know this if you came to my home.

I no longer get treated to the physical abuse as he has switched to verbal put downs and occasionally spitting in my face. He knows I have no family or friends so he threatens me with putting me on the street…

Anyone…PLEASE…If you EVER have some who loves you…Hurt you physically, spit on you, call you vulgar names, control your life…RUN…As fast as you can, abuse to this extent never gets better.