Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.

Anne’s Story of Abuse

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Anne’s Signs of Being Abused

The mind games, the control, and then the assault.

Anne’s Emotional Signs of Abuse

Fear, Dread, Hopelessness

Anne’s Story of Abuse

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My ex was a control freak who had to have his own way. For meals, he would make me buy the finest food but only him and his friends were allowed to eat. He left me to look after the kids while he spent most of the time in the bedroom on the computer.

He would allow me to sleep for ten minutes and then wake me up. When I did finally fall asleep, I had to watch out for him! Things got worse. He told me on a regular basis how ugly I was how I could not cook and went around looking like a scruff. If I went shopping I was getting phone call after phone call  – “How long you gonna be? Are you having an affair?” This would go on until I got home.

When I was pregnant, he’d say, “That child’s not mine! Who have you been with?!” Apart from going shopping, I never went out. My son was born with a disability. He was the most beautiful baby in my eyes, but my ex went outside to have a cigarette and said, “That’s not my son. That’s a monster!”

I finally had him removed from the house after he violently assaulted me. My doctor said I had the head injuries of a car crash victim without the car crash. When he went to court, he got probation and community service. He still stalks me. I can’t prove it. He is allowed to make up stuff about me to keep my children in care.

Where is justice? Please tell me that when I have to lock myself in my house to keep safe. Where is the justice when he can get away with what he is doing? Please tell me why am I am treated like a criminal. My only crime was to be abused.

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