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DD Form 2893 (Army’s Simple Safety Plan)

Yes, the Army names everything with a number. DD Form 2893 is the safety plan provided to me by the victim’s advocate on Fort Bragg. In my opinion, it is the best safety plan that I have found (except for our comprehensive safety plan).

Safety planning topics include what to do if an incident is in progress, what to do if you’re planning to leave, what to do after you’ve left, what to do if alcohol/drugs are involved, what to do at work, and more.

Safety plans contain the information that will keep you safe in an emergency. Never share your safety plan with your abuser or someone who will talk to your abuser about the plan. You do not want to arrive at your “safe place” only to find your abuser waiting for you there!

Download the Army Safety Plan (updated in April, 2023)

Download the Verbal Abuse Journal’s Safety Plan

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