Lisa’s Story of Abuse

Lisa’s Signs of Being Abused

I was in therapy for myself because I thought I was being too harsh with my kids. In the sessions, things about my marriage came up and I began to see that I am in a very abusive marriage.

Lisa’s Emotional Signs of abuse

Fear, Foolishness, Wasted

Lisa’s Story of Abuse

I thought I was too harsh with my kids, so I went to therapy. But things about my marriage came up and I began to see that I am in a very abusive marriage. When I first met him at work, I was very involved with a man with whom I thought I would soon be marrying. The man at work began to come into my life more and more and I feel for him. He was charming, attentive and very protective it seemed.

There was an aspect of drinking that I saw but for some reason I chose to over look. I looked away from many red flags. In almost no time he was around all the time and in a short time he asked me to marry him. The controlling aspect began to show up immediately. I felt like he was a mess, but I had committed my word to marry him and felt that I should keep my promise. I wanted a husband.

After marriage, he asked for a baby. Even though I did not want to risk ever being a single parent again I eventually chose to try to get pregnant. It was a huge mistake. It got much worse then, and he especially is jealous that I am home with the baby. He resents this. The red flags were waving, I was an idiot.

Pornography is part of his problem. Alcohol is a huge factor. His mom cheated on his dad when he was a kid which resulted in divorce, remarriage of the mom to the man with whom she was having the affair. My husband’s dad was very non-involved as my husband was a kid. My husband is very controllingand I wish I had the nerve to get rid of him, but I have a baby, no job and no desire to put my baby in day care. I have to choose the solution that sucks the least.

He was arrested a few months ago for felony domestic violence. All three of my kids witnessed this and were terrified. Since that episode, he hit my one more time. This was very disturbing because I did not see that one coming at all. I have never been hit without kind of knowing it might happen.

have a good education, and my mind knows what I need to do, but for some reason I can’t do it. I need to get rid of him. Someday I will. He is very controlling about if I talk to any menEven a 10-year-old male neighbor kid who comes over to play with my older kids – he does not like to have any males in our house.

He tries to keep my mom from coming over. He isolates meI live in constant fear of setting off his “bad moods” and his moods are very unpredictable. In 15 minutes time he can go from one extreme to the next.

I am not allowed to swim at the gym or hotels. I am not allowed to wear certain clothing. One time I bought a dress and boots for a date we had made for a concerto. He was horrid to me over the dress because he thought it was too short. I always get this sort of treatment over anytime I dress nice. I am conservative and know for certain that I do not dress as a whore.

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