Brian’s Story of Abuse

Brian’s Signs of Being Abused

For a 3 year old..the arguments, screaming and violence became too much to bear!

Brian’s Emotional Signs of Abuse

Fear, Anxiety and Hurt

Brian’s Story of Abuse

break your silence of abuseDomestic assault is all about control; the most insidious state a husband and wife can descend to. From hiding to peace-making, their children are forced to witness the unthinkable!

With maturity comes a choice…do you react to what you saw or do you break the cycle? It’s simply a decision that will have far reaching effects on everyone.

That’s why this video has particular meaning…

Are you abused? Tell your story and Break The Silence and download this Safety Plan. Did you leave an abusive relationship? Tell us how you did it at How I Left Abuse.
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