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'My Abusive Marriage ... and what i'm doing in it' is a gripping tell-all story of the abuse in an 18-year marriage. Buy now for only $4.99 at Amazon.com

Is Now Part of A Book by Kellie Jo Holly

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Are you being abused?

Gain clarity, realize you are not crazy, and find out the common threads of abuse through a gripping tell-all account of an 18-year, abusive marriage.

You’ve poured through her blog. You might have even received help from one of her mentors; but hear exactly how Kellie Jo Holly has arrived at the place she is today by reading her eye-opening book, My Abusive Marriage… and what I’m doing in it.

You will go through Kellie’s marriage as if you were right beside her the entire time. You will see the clues that, in hindsight, were as obvious as the nose on your face; but when you are first experiencing them, are confusing and easy to brush off.

“A must read for anyone who was in or is in an abusive relationship. What a connection I felt to the author having gone through similar relationship.” ~Anonymous review

In Kellie’s book, you will find what you are searching for:

  • Clarity
  • Hope
  • Understanding
  • Information
  • Wisdom

You will read the words, directly from Kellie’s journal. You will know exactly what happened, how she felt, and how she eventually came to terms with the fact her husband was abusive–and how she not only coped from that point but how she found the courage she needed to take critical steps in her life.

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“It was while surfing the Internet in desperation seeking information on verbal abuse that I ran across Kellie’s website. I clicked on a link for a newsletter and received an email from Kellie herself asking if I “wanted to talk?” Kellie was a voice out of the darkness pulling me into the light. She gave me a couple of suggestions which helped me start a plan of action. Never once did she mention a book. Later I discovered her book on my own.

“To say I am an avid reader would be an understatement. I have over 1,000 books on my Kindle yet this is the first review I have felt compelled to write. Kellie has opened her heart and allowed any person to see the pain she has suffered so others might be spared or remove them self from the same situation. If you or anyone you know is in a relationship of abuse, I can not stress enough, get a copy of this book. It will change your life. Thank you, Kellie. You are indeed my kindred spirit.”


Kellie Jo Holly has inspired many people who were/are in abusive relationships . . .

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“The author’s words have always spoken to me. I discovered her webpage Verbal Abuse Journals shortly after I left a man who savagely attacked me as if I wasn’t even a human being. Searching to find myself again and searching for answers, Kellie’s work guided me through that year of brutal nightmares. Her work continues to inspire me. She probably doesn’t know it but I read almost everything she writes and I gain strength from her experiences.”


Maybe you (or your loved one) are questioning if they are in an abusive relationship, or maybe you know for sure. Kellie’s book, My Abusive Marriage . . . and what i’m doing in it, covers more than verbal abuse. It runs the spectrum of abuse, leaving nothing out.

“This book is a must read for all men, women, teenagers, if you ‘think’ you may be in an abusive relationship then you probably are!”


“If you’re in an Abusive relationship this book is a way out for you. Kellie herself has firsthand experience with all types of abuse. Abuse can take many forms It can be physical or it can be emotional. What some people will not realize is this, abuse can also be financial and spiritual.

“It can be so subtle that you don’t even know until someone points it out to you, this is called covert abuse. This is probably the most dangerous and harmful abuse because it creeps up on you and by the time you’ve realized you are under the abuser’s spell and find it hard to leave. Abuse can take many forms and you may not know you are being abused but if you want to know, get Kellie’s book today. All the answers to your questions are in this book and it could save your life and your soul and you’re sanity.”

I would recommend this book to any women / man who knows there is something that is not right but just can’t put their finger on what is wrong. They are doing everything right but yet everything feels wrong and to make matters worse they are to blame for everything . . . ! . . . even though they are not . . . Get this book today and give yourself a choice! Leave and find out what life could be like living the way YOU want to live or stay UNDER HIS/HER TERMS and always wonder . . . you have a choice . . . make the right one . . . buy this book.”

Tracey Carter

YOU are worthwhile. You are NOT crazy. You are not alone. You deserve to know the truth.

My Verbally Abusive Marriage . . . and what i’m doing in it

It’s worth your happiness, freedom of mind, and peace of mind.