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Transform the pain of domestic abuse and violence into power with solutions, support, and products to help you heal.

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Transform from abuse victim and survivor to thriver with solutions, support, and products that promote healing from verbal abuse and domestic violence.The Verbal Abuse Journals Newsletter showcases ideas to get you moving down your road to recovery from domestic violence and abuse. It helps you understand the abusive relationship dynamic so you can free yourself whether you are a current sufferer, a survivor, or the loved one of someone in an abusive situation.

The newsletter covers topics such as:

  • Cognitive Healing
  • Mind/Body Healing
  • Your Authenticity
  • Organizations that can help you
  • New blogs and websites devoted to abused and formerly abused people
  • Research on the effects of abuse
  • How to overcome the effects of abuse
  • Articles from our mentors and contributing authors about recovery from abuse
  • Updates on fresh blog posts
  • Special discounts and offers on our products and services


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