Submit Alternative Stories of Abuse

Image, Video and Sound Requirements

We want your doodles, artworks, videos, movies and anything else you can put together to tell your story of abuse. Your submission will help others now.1.) Submit video and audio in English only. English is the only language I speak and it’s the only language in which I can verify your submission meets the requirements.

2.) Do not include last names and make sure the abusers face or recognizable traits are not shown or used in the footage or heard in the audio. Do not include pictures of your abuser. You may send pictures or video footage of yourself. If you post videos about your abuse to YouTube or another web service, you could include a link so I can embed the video(s) in your story page.

3.)Images and artwork are always welcomed to help you express your story. However, for you very talented artists, I will not accept realistic images of faces because they could depict your abuser. There is no way for me to know otherwise.

4.) You may use real instances of verbal abuse, a video blog type entry, a discussion between you and a friend or any other creative session you create. However, I will not accept videos or sound bites from therapy sessions.

Before you get started filling in the submission form, you may want to answer the form’s questions in notepad and then paste your answers in the correct boxes before sending. Sometimes things go wrong, and we would hate for you to put your heart and soul into something only to have it lost in cyberspace. At least if it is written in notepad or some other file on your computer, then a simple cut/paste and re-send is all you must do to send us your story of abuse.

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How would you describe your work to a person who is missing the bodily sense needed to view/hear your work?

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Do you have a specific message you want to share with other survivors and victims of domestic violence and abuse?

Is your file found on YouTube or a similar site that hosts audio/video?

If yes, please share the web address where we can find it below.

If your work is not hosted elsewhere, please send a copy of it to my email address as an attachment. Send your creative work to as an email attachment.

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