Share Your Stories of Abuse Thru Writing, Art, Music & More

We can help families feel more joy & much less pain by sharing our stories of abuse. You don't know who needs your story today - please give it to them.Please submit your stories of abuse to Verbal Abuse Journals. Journals isn’t in the name for nothing, you know!

Are you currently abused? Share Your Story Here.

Did you leave an abusive relationship? Share Your Story Here.

Did you already write, doodle, compose, sculpt or in some other way told your story? Share Your Story Here.

Stories of abuse are not always told with words. Sometimes it feels great to create an artwork, musical piece, or verbal audio of your story to release the pain domestic violence and abuse causes.

I want to publish your stories and other creative works about abuse on this website. I believe sharing my pain helps me to heal, and it can work the same way for you. Sharing our stories also explains to others (who may or may not be victims of abuse) why our society must have difficult conversations about the yelling and bruises and fear that we sense on our neighbors and friends.

It isn’t 1950 anymore. We can make it our business when we hear screams, see fake smiles or sense something wrong over there. It is our responsibility to safely offer help to men, women and children who we suspect suffer abuse.

Life and families cannot be perfect, but we all can try to help both life and families feel more joy and much less pain by sharing what we know about domestic violence and abuse.

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