Sunny’s Story of Abuse

Sunny’s Signs of Being Abused

I read an article in an Indian newspaper, I knew that something like ‘verbal abuse’ existed probably because of my extensive reading of psychology texts but this article was a good eye-opener.

Sunny’s Emotional Signs of Abuse

Sadness, Anger, Depression

Sunny’s Story of Abuse

Sometimes, I feel depressed, angry & a whole lot of emotions at once, I take comfort in my philosophy and resilience which I hope will bring peace of mind.I have a master’s in mechanical engineering and recently returned from Germany back to my home country in India.  The reason being that I am preparing for my career in pure mathematics and had no other option than do my preparation at home (with my parents living in the same house obviously).

My father is very verbally abusive (never physically abused me). It seems as if he has split personalities (something that most verbal abusers have, I gathered from books). He imposes guilty feelings whenever I do something I find fascinating, its been going on since childhood, which is why I left home when I was 20.

The worse thing is that he takes pride when he sees me get hurt/get angry and gives a cynical laugh after that. He drinks twice a day and gives derogatory remarks at the dining table, which forced me to lock myself up the whole day and a conscious effort not to even speak a word with my father.

Unfortunately, my schedule of work is very tight, I don’t have time for friends and hence no one to even talk toMy mother is way better than my dad but she has a habit of imposing guilty emotions too.

Sometimes, I feel depressed, angry and a whole lot of emotions at once, I take comfort in my philosophy and resilience which I hope will bring me peace of mind. What is the method to break this cycle?

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