Rachel’s Story of Abuse

Rachel’s Signs of Being Abused

I felt abused from the first week, but never realised abuse was anything other than physical or sexual. Verbal abuse is his choice now, but there have been physical episodes. I guess my feelings of abuse were validated when my doctor asked if i was anorexic and when her receptionist opened a door behind me unexpectedly. I shrieked a little and dropped the pen I was holding. I started babbling like an idiot, apologising over & over about the pen. My doctor was shocked and told me that I was an absolute text-book example of a mental/emotional abuse victim.

Rachel’s Emotional Signs of Abuse

Fear, Profound despair, Emotional exhaustion

Rachel’s Story of Abuse

I shrieked a little and dropped the pen. I started babbling like an idiot, apologising about dropping the pen. Textbook emotional abuse symptoms.I’m so profoundly sad; pathetic isn’t it. I’m also selfish enough to be glad I’m not the only one.

I don’t have a name here as I have Jewish name & he is Bengali (Bangladesh & Sunni Muslim). He calls me ugly and, perversely, accuses me of sleeping with half our suburb. Our first night together he was on phone until 2 am.

I am naturally thin, but within 2 weeks of being with him I lost so much weight that people asked if I was anorexic. It is eight years later and I’m trying to leave. Our daughter has autism.

Right now we’re at an impasse as he imposed the silent treatment on me 2 1/2 months ago and I refuse to break it. It started because he wanted to take our daughter to a Muslim festival. I said okay although it meant a day off school. However, he didn’t get out of bed until the afternoon. She got bored, so I said I would take her.

He told me no and to fuck-off. Then he said I had to stop playing with him & challenging him. After this, he kicked me and hit my face again, so I left and didn’t return until night-time. He has kicked, choked, spat on me and pulled my hair, but by far the worst is the name calling. When I stated this is abuse, his response was, “I’ll show you abuse, mother fucker!” That is his favourite word.

My 7-year-old called him a motherfucker last night and he accused me of telling her to say it. She said, “No Baba, you taught me.”

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