Penny’s Story of Abuse

How Penny Found Out She Was Being Abused

I felt that something was not right, I wasn’t enjoying life, I felt lost and unloved, I had no life of my own. It was their way or face the wrath of them telling me how stupid my thinking is. Only their needs were to be filled was when the relationship would be peaceful.

Words Penny Chose to Describe Her Abusive Experience

Embarrassment, Stupid, Emotional Pain

Penny’s Story of Abuse

However now I am allowed to feel, where with her I was not allowed, for she saw it as a weakness. I was so beaten down to the point that I am on disability.I went back to this relationship 3 times, I was 29 when I first met her and I was 52 when I left for good. I felt that I could change her but that didn’t happen, she and her son would always put me down about what I felt and said, and do the same to my son as well.

I would always buy her gifts, as she would me, but she would say “what is yours is mine and what is mine is mine”. Her gifts she gave me were always hers as well. They were control freaks and would get in your face if you didn’t agree with them. They both have high IQs, so I put my trust in them. Even though they were verbally abusing me and my son. That would hurt me seeing my child hurtingand he later ran away, when he came back 2 weeks later she yelled at him and hit him.

I felt like there was nothing I could do to stop itI felt in fear that I would be yelled at also. We sold MY house and were to have a joint place together, I was seeing a good investment, my name was never put on the property and I didn’t get the money at the end of our relationship.

She called the police after she slugged me in the throat and I had to leave or go to jail over her lies. I lost everything including my mindthe healing process is painful but I know I will be stronger in the end. It’s been one and a half years now. I’ve moved out of state from her and I still cry at what she has done to me.

However now I am allowed to feel, where with her I was not allowed, for she saw it as a weakness and used it against me. Now I am finding myself and working on being who I want to be, learning to love myself, trust my gut feelings and working on my self esteem. It was so beaten down to the point that I am on disability now because of it.

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