Patricia’s Story of Abuse

Patricia’s Signs of Being Abused

I knew I was being abused when I started blaming the fact that I’m very out spoken as the cause of his anger.

Patricia’s Emotional Signs of Abuse

Anger, Pain and Frustration

Patricia’s Story of Abuse

I kicked him out the house for beating me & he kicked in the door & beat me again. He held me hostage in our bedroom so I couldn't go to work. I lost my job.I met a man that I thought was the man of my dreams on February 17, 2010. It instantly turned into a nightmare.

He was cheating a week after we said I do. I confronted him about it an he punched, kicked and stomped me over and over again. Later on in our relationship, he would do it for simple reasons like a small argument or disagreement, then walk around our apartment and break everything.

Then he apologized.

I would forgive him then not even a week later – the same thing.

One time I kicked him out the house for beating me and he kicked in the door and beat me again. He literally held me hostage in our bedroom so I couldn’t go to work. He told me that he would make me lose my job and apartment because he had neither, and he did.

He promised he would change over and over but he never did.

I ended up with another job and another apartment, but I almost lost those, too. I decided to leave him and file for divorce because he kicked in this apartment’s door and my boss called me into her office because of my attendance.

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