Lisa A’s Story of Abuse

My Signs I Was Being Abused

Other people told me.

My Emotional Signs of Abuse

Self-hatred, Fear, Broken

My Story of Abuse

Lisa's story of abuse has gone on for 24 years. She thinks it's her fault but it's not. Abuse is never the victim's fault. Read her story now.I took care of my mom, but she had just died. Then I met a man.

I’m having a hard time because I feel its my fault, not his.

Anyway I got pregnant. He said he never wanted me and that he loved someone else. He threw a hammer at the wall.

I never drank before him. I have a drinking issue now.

I cried in corners for hours telling him I wanted to kill myself. He told me I should and how horrible I was.

He hit me. Cut my mouth open. He said it was a reflex.

He tried to put a restraining order against me having my daughter, but he had no rights. He tried to have me committed.

I have left fifteen times in six years. I am with him but don’t live with him. I talk to him everyday. I don’t know how to function without his voice.

In the last few years, he’s declared his love for me. I begged for that for years. Why? Because if he didn’t love me or want me then I don’t want me either.

I’m 38. He’s 52. I hope I help someone not be me.

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