Donna’s Story of Abuse

Donna’s Signs of Being Abused

Donna's Story of AbuseWell, because I know that when someone yells in your face, calls you names, blames you for everything, twists everything you say around, that this is not normal. When it makes you feel depressed, sad, feeling like you are going crazy and your called horrible names (which you know your not)…then something is not right.

Donna’s Emotional Signs of Abuse

Sadness, Sick to My Stomach, Total Confusion

Donna’s Story of Abuse

I get yelled at because there is no money in the bank, I must be spending it. Yeah, I am – on food and bills.

I get yelled at for apparently treating him like a 3 year old, which I still don’t get. He refuses to give me examples…why, because if I wasn’t so stupid…I would know why.

He twists my words around, tells me that every time he gets in his rage and yelling that I run to my daughter and tell her lies.

He tells me that I made him this way because of things I have done/or not done in the past, like I didn’t go grocery shopping when I said I would. I didn’t cook supper because there was no food in the house. When in fact there was food for supper but he didn’t want what I suggested I would make.

Sigh…shall I go on…Perhaps enough for now.

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  1. FOR a long time now I have been silenced. My words,my stories aren’t true,he says.What an idiot i’ve become ,he says. Never has he seen such stupidity and idiocy,he says.Are you crazy?,he says. Are you right out of your mind?,he says. I imagine a lot,he says.Everybody just thinks you’re this sweet person,he says.Then followed by, “where is the “intimacy’ in this marriage?It wasnt all bad.I guess. sometimes he told me I’m so cute or sexyI But I can never please him enough.I worked so hard to try to please him.for 18 years now. Am I just that unlikeable? but my friends really like me.When I had them.Now he he left me. For a woman. As he has done for years. I was a contributer in so many ways for all these years.
    Now I have nothing. Maybe I have everything ..
    I had to get out of my beautiful home.I couldn’t take it anymore! I feel safer now.Its been nearly a year. I haven’t seen him yet. He wants to see me and talk. But I am scared. My friends are coming back.I see a therapist.She helped me to see he is not a safe person..

  2. Anonymous says:

    My spouse say I made my kids stupid or he tell me that I don’t give him enough sex.when my parents pass he wasn’t simpathy supportive. He always blame me for things. I’m tired I don’t know what to do.

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