Claudia’s Story of Abuse

Claudia’s Signs of Being Abused

I am very fit, live in a great neighborhood & I'll bet people think I'm living the dream life when in fact I am living a nightmare. Why can't I leave? I’ve always known it. I’ve always been paralyzed by his brutish ways from the moment he showed his true colors. I always cried to my friends, their shock and anger at him and his behavior was perfect to gauge how dysfunctional our relationship was.

Claudia’s Emotional Signs of Abuse

Sadness, Hopelessness, Trapped

Claudia’s Story of Abuse

My husband and I believe it or not started off as best friends, we were both bartenders, popular party kids… in a jealous passion he proposed to me at the age of 23, I said yes, but really meant no. I was in a phase of my life where I suffered from anxiety, and he swooped in for the kill when I was weak. First bad sign.

We married at 24, I soon became pregnant, and my husband began belittling me, swearing at me,saying the most disturbing and unforgivable things to me. He spat at me, threw my dinners in the garbage… he ruined my pregnancy. He ruined my life. I resented him. I grew up wealthy, I was beautiful, young and had many friends, and he plucked me from my perfect life and tucked me away in a hell I still live in.

I now have two children, we are still unfortunately married, twelve years… great kids. I want to leave him, and just enjoy my children. He is a heavy drinker, he used cocaine for the majority of our marriage, put us all on the back burner of his social schedule. He acts as though he has multiple personalities. His verbal abuse is hideous. He has been physically abusive with me. He sexually harasses me. He loves to put me down….

I am a very fit personal trainer, live in a desirable neighborhood, I’ll bet people think I’m living the dream life … when in fact I am living a nightmare. Why can’t I leave this man? I hate him. I resent him. I feel so alone. I can’t wrap my mind around how someone could derive pleasure from causing someone such injury. Monster.

I feel like I am wasting my precious life waiting for him to turn into something else… I know he never will. My heart will be bruised a lifetime for the pain I have endured. Please don’t be like me, please don’t be afraid to be free.

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