Cindy & Clare’s Story of Abuse

Cindy’s Signs of Being Abused

With the name calling, cursing, yelling and threats of physical violence it has become obvious.

Cindy’s Emotional Signs of Abuse

Fear, Worthlessness, Not being in control, Anger

Cindy’s Story of Abuse

He has slapped my face one time, but I am afraid this and more could happen again. I really don’t have anywhere to go, yet. I will have to send this later – I am the only one working at this time and I will need to go to work soon. He blames me for him not having a job. Everything that goes wrong is my fault according to him.
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Clare’s Signs of Being Abused

Being ridiculed and criticized on a nightly basis by partner.

Clare’s Emotional Signs of Abuse

Rage, Shame, Hurt

Clare’s Story of Abuse

I received phone calls, texts, and emails that addressed my “always being a loser,” that I was an abuser myself and “liked abusing others” and that I deserved all the misery I got because it was what I really wanted.

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