Alyssa’s Story of Abuse

Alyssa’s Signs of Being Abused

It wasn’t until my lawyer referred to my ex as an abuser that I was able to acknowledge to myself that she was abusive and I was forever going to be a victim of domestic abuse.

Alyssa’s Emotional Signs of Abuse

Anger, Numbness, Despair

Alyssa’s Story of Abuse

Alyssa's story of abuse quote: She had me believing for so long that I was a horrible, psychotic slut, but now I realize that everything she said was a lie.At first, I thought she was the perfect girlfriend. She was so loving, doting, and caring. She treated me like a princess. As soon as I had fallen for her, she slowly started verbally and emotionally abusing me.

These things just slowly started trickling into her every day interactions with me. She would violently switch moods and blame all her personal faults and problems on me, and somehow I believed it. She would find any excuse she could to scream at me and insult me, even things as small as messing up the bed sheets or accidentally stepping on her toe.

She had this way of getting inside my head and messing with my life, so I spun out of control. She eventually started calling me the abusive one, which was when I broke up with her. I wish it had stopped there.

  • She obsessed over me, bought me presents and made me t-shirts, and smooth-talked her way into my head and then proceeded to mess with me some more.
  • She once locked me in her car and screamed at me, and when I escaped her car she tried to corner me and physically overcome me.
  • She started spreading vicious lies about me to everyone, including my own best friends and sister.
  • She encouraged her friends to harass me as well, which a few of them did.
  • She even started threatening the girls I dated after her with physical violence.

I must mention that we dated 5 1/2 months and we broke up more than 7 months ago as I am writing this. Getting her out of my life completely has been excruciating, and some days I get so uncontrollably angry that I want to hurt her for what she’s done to me, but I understand that will cause far more harm than good.

She had me believing for so long that I was this horrible, psychotic slut, but now I realize that everything she’s ever said has been a complete lie and I am so much better than that.

Thank goodness for my current girlfriend who is incredibly supportive and unbelievably wonderful, and also for the lawyers who are helping me get a restraining order against this poisonous girl.

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