Adrienne’s Story of Abuse

Adrienne’s Signs of Being Abused

Story of abuse quote: always ended the same: me apologizing over and over for whatever he was mad about. Me promising to change myself..It hit me like a ton of bricks the first time he hit me across the face and literally knocked me off my feet.

Adrienne’s Emotional Signs of Abuse

Anger, Sadness, Hopelessness

Adrienne’s Story of Abuse

I met my husband 5 years ago when I was 19. I was a bikini model, a student, a dreamer. He was charming, handsome, loving, and doting. It was love at first sight. We were inseparable. Convinced we were soul mates and nothing could bring us down. He lost his job two months later. But we still got married. Nothing could hold us back.

And still he didn’t find another job. 5 years later, he has yet to find another job. But now, it is all my fault I have gotten used to this by now. It is my fault for everything. It is my fault when the dog accidentally goes to the bathroom in the house. It is my fault he has no motivation to do anything. It is the same old story.

The real abuse started (even if not noticeable to me) soon after we marriedArguments so fast turned into full blown fights. And no matter what was said in between (there was so much) it always ended the sameme apologizing over and over for whatever he was mad about. Me promising to change myself. Me promising to never disappoint or anger him again.

What had happened to that amazing person I met and married? Sure when things were going his wayand I didn’t object to anything he said, he was amazingly loving. Always holding hands and kissing me. But the moment I disagreed with something or showed any emotion other than gratefulness or happiness he was right quick to call me names (vulgar horrid names).

Below is a list of ways this man I so lovingly call my husband has abused me. Mind you this is not all of them but you will get the gist of it.

  • When angry he corners me into a wall and yells straight on my face with his forehead pushed against mine.
  • He has hit me so hard across the face my cheeks get ripped apart on my teeth
  • He once threw a lighter at my face hitting me square in the forehead splitting it right open. I now have a half inch lightning bolt shaped scar in the middle of my forehead.
  • He has called me (Among many others) Slut, Bitch, Stupid Fuck, Whore, Fatass Cow (I’m 5’3″ and 110 lb) Dumb Bitch, and the list goes on an on
  • He steals whatever of my belongings he can get a hold of when angry, namely purse and wallet and jewelry
  • He threatens to leave me every time he is upset
  • He tells me he is going to find girls to sleep with and cheat on me with, and then leaves the house and doesn’t come back for days
  • Has on numerous occasions grabbed me by the throat and thrown me to the ground because I am “talking too much”
  • choked me to the point of unconsciousness 4 times
  • Broke my arm (literally snapped my humorous in half) when he was drunk and I was driving him home.
  • Jerks the steering wheel to try to get into a car accident when he’s angry in the car.

There is so much more to add to the list but frankly I am exhausted just having to go over the points above. I know that this vicious cycle will never end but I can’t jump off the hamster wheel. Therapy has done nothing. I feel like I need someone to literally remove me from this.

I am Adrienne and I am being abused.

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  1. My gosh, I am so sorry for the abuse you are experiencing. I hope you have gotten out of this safely. You don’t deserve this. You are so strong, you deserve so much more…I wish I could help you if you’re not out of it already x

    • Wow! I had a physically abusive partner for 8 years who regularly punched and head butted me … He eventually went to prison.

  2. I have been abused. You need to get out b 4 it fets worse. My ex . I thought was love a very handsome guy. and nice at first. Complimenting me telling me how preety i was. But once we moved in the physical fights began. He went from yelling And screAming calling me a bitch,to hitting me in my brain and skull over 10 times.

    I had to literally hit him to get him off me and ran upstairs wit my phone to call somebody. And he was at the bathroom doir. U dont kno i was fighting for my life. I felt like he was tryin to kill me. Call the police!! Get out go to a shelter

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