How To Help Abuse Victims Online – Be An Email Mentor

Have you been looking for a way to help abuse victims online? Verbal Abuse Journal’s mentoring program is for you. Abuse victims and survivors apply for a mentor, we assign survivors to you, and then you coach them as they reach their goals – all through email. Coach one person or several – it is up to you.

Free Domestic Abuse Help — Email, Confidential

Our mentors help you think more clearly so you find the answers you need. Our mentors are are all survivors of domestic violence and abuse and our mentors all left abusive relationships. Our Survivors’ Mentors have extraordinary wisdom that comes from experience with domestic violence and abuse that other programs cannot guarantee.

Abuse Survivor Fights PTSD and Depression And Wins

Today is rough. I looked back on my life to see how my mental illnesses affect my relationships with others (Is PTSD from Domestic Abuse Causing Your Distress?). This is hard to do because I didn’t ask for these mental illnesses; I wasn’t born with PTSD or depression! I never asked for the car accident with my […]

Apply To Be A Survivors’ Mentor

Preliminary Application to Become a Mentor For more information about mentoring before filling out this form, please read How To Help Abuse Victims Online – Email Mentoring. This page offers you the first step in the mentor application process. If you’re accepted based on the information provided on the form below, we will give you […]

Get Verbal and Emotional Abuse Help for Free – Sign Up Here

Are you a survivor of domestic violence and abuse? We offer free help via personal emails from an assigned mentor who conquered abuse & moved ahead from it. This page gives a mentor request form for former and present victims of domestic abuse and violence.