Letters About Abuse

In the months after leaving my abusive husband, there was so much I wanted to explain to my boys! My oldest son’s anger was heavy and dense. I could reach out and touch my youngest son’s broken heart on his sleeve. I wanted so badly to explain my side of things…but I couldn’t.

Drinking and Domestic Abuse: Sobriety Fixes Nothing

Drinking only lowers inhibitions – it lets you be “more you” and gives the abuser permission to abuse.

Distraction & Manipulation

On a side note and just for the record, Will brought home a bottle of Jack Daniel’s in his suitcase. He started drinking from it, and then on Saturday morning, he asked me if I had drunk any of the whiskey (I hadn’t) and said that it must have been Marc who drunk it. I asked […]

On Second Thought…

I’ve got a question for you: Is it abuse if I cut off my teenager mid-sentence and tell him that I don’t want to hear his mouth anymore? See, technically, I believe all people deserve a fair hearing (even if you don’t agree with them). This extends to my children; I’ve always tried to respect their […]

Depression Relief, Delusions of Joy

Abuse came before Depression in my marriage, but when my Depression lifted (thanks Prozac) I entered another fantasy world.

It Will Be Better When… Oh. My Bad. No, It Won’t.

One sign of abuse is if you keep thinking “It Will Be Better When….” (when we have a baby, the kids go to school, we move, the kids go to college, etc.)

Detaching from an Alcoholic

Al-Anon is helping me to detach from Will’s drinking, but I’m not liking it too much. I feel responsible for making him well and happy so he can be NICE.

Moody Depressed Alone

I’ve been so depressed & moody lately – I’ve been terrible. I either am so deeply in love that I can’t see, or else he is irritating the shit out of me.