PTSD Is Not An Excuse to Hurt Your Family

I’ve never been to war. I’ve never been raped at knife-point or fought for my life from strangers. But I did live with an unpredictable, angry and abusive man for over 17 years. And that is way more than enough time to develop hyper-anxiety, difficulty concentrating, experiencing overwhelming guilt or shame, and any other PTSD symptom.

Abuse Survivor Fights PTSD and Depression

Today is rough. I looked back on my life to see how my mental illnesses affect my relationships with others. This is hard to do because I didn’t ask for these mental illnesses; I wasn’t born with them! I never asked for the car accident with my mum, and I definitely never asked for what those […]

The Unhealthy Silence of Abuse

The silence of abuse destroyed my ability to end the abuse in my marriage. I maintained my silence for many reasons, all of which made sense to me at the time. From a feeling of loyalty to feelings of fear, reaching out for help became harder and harder to imagine. I didn’t open myself to […]

PTSD Diagnosis Is Common for Abuse Survivors…Why Do I Feel Ashamed? launched the Stand Up For Mental Health Campaign a couple of weeks ago, just as I received a second mental health diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I’ve long wondered if my symptoms added up to PTSD, but knowing that a psychiatrist believes I have PTSD affected me. Negatively. Being diagnosed with PTSD affected […]

Leaving Abuse Tips

Leaving abuse behind will be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of your life. I promise. The years since I left my abusive husband prove to me that I am valuable, lovable, courageous, and capable of handling my affairs. It took time to relearn those things that I once knew, but not as […]

Is PTSD from Domestic Abuse Causing Your Distress?

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from domestic abuse affects a great number of abused and previously abused women. Women, in general, develop PTSD more often than men in part because “… women are more likely to experience trauma within established relationships or their traumatic exposures are more chronic than those experienced by men (e.g. ongoing interpersonal violence within a […]

Noisy Mind

I forgot how anxious I was until after I left my ex and experienced peace for the first time in 18 years. There is such a difference from when I lived with the abuse! If I’m not yet at peace, that’s okay. It will come. Whatever “this” is beats what I used to feel by a mile!

Spiraling Downward – Anxiety and Depression

I want to share my life, but I keep everyone at a distance. I feel like there is something more to it that I just don’t get. I am cycling downward again. This struggle seems never-ending. Visions of horrors I cannot make real by writing them out play in my mind over and over…