The Unhealthy Silence of Abuse

The silence of abuse destroyed my ability to end the abuse in my marriage. I maintained my silence for many reasons, all of which made sense to me at the time. From a feeling of loyalty to feelings of fear, reaching out for help became harder and harder to imagine. I didn’t open myself to […]

Declaration of Freedom From Abuse

This declaration of freedom from abuse states my boundaries. I’ll use the word “you” because I am unwilling to put up with verbal abuse from anyone anymore.

Coming Apart – Losing Personal Boundaries

I laid bare the last protected areas of my soul in hope that he could understand me. I just knew if he understood me, the arguments would end.

Set Personal Boundaries to Deal With Abuse

No one ever pointed out to me that we each have personal boundaries. I knew when I didn’t like someone standing too close to me, but the idea that individuals can and do set emotional boundaries confounded me. I do set boundaries with friends, strangers, family members…I mean, I don’t discuss my sex life with […]

How To Help A Domestic Abuse Victim

How can you, a person outside of your loved one’s abusive relationship, help her in any way? Is it possible to figure out how to help a domestic abuse victim? Is it possible to force her abuser to behave differently? Can you turn the tables and beat him down for a lasting effect? Nope. Is […]

Boundaries for Abusive Relationships Examples

“I Cannot Control You” is the missing key for people setting boundaries in abusive relationships. I cannot control you, but I can control me. So if you are acting like a jerk, I get to decide if I’m going to stay around you while you act that way…or not. Boundaries for abusive relationships help you keep the sanity you still have.

Personal Boundaries Are Important For Abuse Victims

Once you set your personal boundaries, you do not have to tell a person who crosses your line why you’re doing what you’re doing unless you want to do so. With no warning at all, you can simply walk away from the conversation or interrupt to say what you need to say. There’s no guarantee the person will listen to you either way, so be prepared to do what you say you will do.

How to Set Boundaries With Your Abuser in Mind

When you learn how to set boundaries, you’ll feel empowered and ready to try them out. Be aware your abuser may not like the new you. Be careful. Abusers do not like having limited access to your emotions and thoughts.

First Steps For Abuse Victims

These steps will help you clear your thinking after weeks or even years of abuse. Over time, you’ve likely developed some side-effects of abuse that weaken your ability to exercise personal choice and freedom. The beauty of these first steps is that they create and support confidence and clarity – two characteristics that will help […]

Steve’s Story of Abuse

The responsibility for abusing falls directly on the shoulders of the perpetrator, not the victim. Yet so many victims (me too!) want to somehow make the abuse “our fault”. I think that I wanted to accept responsibility for the abuse because if I caused it, then I could end it. Sadly, accepting responsibility for problems […]