Types of Verbal Abuse: Know Them And Save Your Sanity

Types of verbal abuse range from full on anger to forgetting on purpose. Even the silent treatment is a type of verbal abuse! Verbal abusers use several other sneaky tactics to abuse and control their victims, too. Recognizing the types of verbal abuse is the first step to overcoming its effects and regaining your mental health.

Boundaries for Abusive Relationships Examples

“I Cannot Control You” is the missing key for people setting boundaries in abusive relationships. I cannot control you, but I can control me. So if you are acting like a jerk, I get to decide if I’m going to stay around you while you act that way…or not. Boundaries for abusive relationships help you keep the sanity you still have.

Ordering and Demanding

Verbal abuse is when someone orders you around and demands instead of asks. Unless an is about to be cut off, every request should include a sweet “please”.

Do As I Say

Abusive husbands want us to be, think, and do everything like they do so they don’t have to worry about what we’re “up to” when we’re apart. They use anger, false love, and many other kinds of manipulation to control us.