You Have “People” – March 7, 2013

Hi there! I’m happy to write to you today because you brighten my life. Our correspondence and interaction on Facebook reminds me that we’re all in this together, even when I am the one feeling low. Reaching out and connecting with other survivors helps us to heal faster, feel stronger, and realize more happiness than we can alone. You have “people” […]

Quick Note – February 2, 2013

Backlogged Dear Reader, I am sorry that I’ve not responded to many readers’ free consultation requests. If you are one of those affected, please accept my sincere apology: I am sorry. I am working hard to get to everyone! I need some help to respond to so many. Until I get my stuff together, please […]

Abuse And The Quest For Perfection

“Perfection” bedevils many of us, myself included. Perhaps you suffer from it yourself. I could blame my experience with abuse for it because, as you well know, abusers expect perfection from us victims. Not our idea of perfection, but their idea of the perfect wife, husband, child or friend. Alas, I cannot blame the abuse. […]

July 2012 Newsletter

Are You Ready To Change Your Story? Hello! Thank you for being an integral part of Verbal Abuse Journals. Your thoughts and concerns are at the top of my mind every morning when I wake up. I read all of your comments and emails. Some add to my dreams for my future and others remind me […]

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Transform the pain of domestic abuse and violence into power with solutions, support, and products to help you heal. Click Here to Subscribe! The Verbal Abuse Journals Newsletter showcases ideas to get you moving down your road to recovery from domestic violence and abuse. It helps you understand the abusive relationship dynamic so you can […]