Hypnosis for Abuse Victims: Stop PTSD Auditory Flashbacks

Erin Chavez developed a hypnosis for abuse victims that profoundly reduces auditory flashbacks, whether you have posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or not. If you suffer from re-hearing your abuser’s voice in your head – during or after you’ve left the abusive relationship – then this free hypnosis for abuse victims will help you. Depression can cause you to obsess […]

Sam’s Story of Abuse: Fear, Loneliness and Sadness

How Sam Realized She Was Being Abused He showed jealousy, needed to control everything, came up with crazy accusations, threatened suicide, isolated me and himself from family and friends. For some time I thought maybe I was going crazy, since he was careful to show a good face in public, even sending me roses at work a […]

Lisa A’s Story of Abuse

Lisa’s story of abuse has gone on for 24 years. She thinks it’s her fault but it’s not. Abuse is never the victim’s fault. Read her story now.

A Survivor Music Video Youtube Playlist – Add Your Favorite Songs!

Music heals your mind and heart RIGHT AWAY. It doesn’t take long to come out of a funk when you’ve got the right sounds flowing through your body. Here’s my Survivor playlist – my go-to songs for feeling good no matter what memory of abuse threatens my sanity.

Stories of Abuse in Video, Music & Audio

These stories of abuse come from survivors in video, music and other types of audio-visual presentations. Come see and hear what abuse survivors have to say!

Emotional Drama Is Not Love But Abuser’s Smoke & Mirrors

Your body’s initial drama-love hormones settle down eventually. However, the memory of that intoxicating love can cause you to stick by your partner’s side, to wait it out. You’re sure the abuse is a fluke (if you notice it as abuse). Meanwhile, the abuser’s nasty comments and behaviors kick in full force. You’re partly in disbelief but mostly angry and hurt. You fight back fire with fire. But eventually, the war against abuse takes it toll on you.

Nothing on My Mind – Memories of Abuse

I’m doing it again. I’m losing my mind in match-3 computer games that let me ignore unpleasant thoughts. I tried believing that playing those games relaxes my brain and that matching colored balls on Bubble Witch qualifies as a healthy, mindful activity. In reality, the games help me keep nothing on my mind. In thinking’s absence,  I can avoid asking questions […]

Marie P’s Story of Abuse

I suffered from anxiety attacks since my preteens. The two abusers in my life are gone & I haven’t had one attack since. I never had anxiety disorder. It was them all along.

Melissa B’s Story of Abuse

Melissa’s Signs of Being Abused My story is unique compared to those who experience years in an abusive relationship. I dated the man who held me hostage for only 3 weeks. When I wanted to end the dating, the abuse started. It felt like it went on for years. Getting out was the hard part. […]

Cynthia’s Story of Abuse

Cynthia’s Signs of Being Abused Poor self-esteem, insecure, no confidence, inability to accomplish any tasks or achieve my dreams. I always feel rejected and abandoned, paralyzed. Cynthia’s Emotional Signs of Abuse Fear, sadness, loneliness Cynthia’s Story of Abuse Well this is my third abusive relationship not counting my childhood. My first one was my marriage […]