Five Feelings in Domestic Abuse Recovery That Could Derail Your Healing

During Recovery from Abuse, Your Feelings Will Lie to You Your abusive relationship warped the way you feel and think. Don’t worry, it will straighten out soon. But in the meantime, don’t trust every feeling you experience. Rely on your support network. Therapists, domestic violence groups, and people who have worked through trauma can help you […]

Hypnosis for Abuse Victims: Stop PTSD Auditory Flashbacks

Erin Chavez developed a hypnosis for abuse victims that profoundly reduces auditory flashbacks, whether you have posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or not. If you suffer from re-hearing your abuser’s voice in your head – during or after you’ve left the abusive relationship – then this free hypnosis for abuse victims will help you. Depression can cause you to obsess […]

Recovery From Domestic Abuse: Recover on Purpose

Recovery from domestic abuse and violence is always possible. Recovery from domestic abuse becomes probable when you: have an idea of what domestic abuse recovery looks like, know, in general, what feelings to expect during recovery, get a head start on complications that can happen in recovery, and develop coping skills to navigate your recovery from […]

Little Angelou’s Story – Leaving Abuse

How I Left the Abusive Relationship What happened that made you decide to leave? I was constantly in fear. I thought I would explode with anxiety. How did you feel about your abuser and/or your relationship in the days before you left? It was so intense, fortunately we did not live in the same house. […]

Boring’s Story – Leaving Abuse

How I Left the Abusive Relationship What happened that made you decide to leave? His behaviour escalated. I felt I had to leave because I couldn’t believe a person would treat another human the way he did if they didn’t hate them. I suggested we separate and he went mad, crying, saying I couldn’t leave […]

I Left My Abusive Marriage: Why Am I Still In A Mental Fog?

I left my abusive marriage just like Susan, the author of the story below. Focusing on this part of her story is important because although staying in an abusive relationship isn’t easy, living after leaving one isn’t easy either. It’s wonderful to think that after leaving abuse life will go straight back to normal. But it […]

Verbal and Emotional Abuse Help Online – Email Mentoring

Information about our Survivors’ Mentoring program:

We can support you if you want to get out of an abusive relationship, or if you need to stay in an abusive relationship for now, or feel forced to stay in the abusive relationship forever, or if you left your abusive relationship and want help healing from it. All of our mentors are domestic abuse survivors.

We contact you through email only.

Escaping Abuse Is The Best Thing To Do BUT It’s Not Easy

Escaping abuse means turning your life upside down, but the trouble of escaping abuse is well worth it if you know what to expect when you go. Read my new post at titled Escaping Abuse: 5 Things Your Therapist Won’t Tell You

Protection From Domestic Violence – PaperLi

Protection From Domestic Violence is an aggregate of social media shares and websites on the topics of domestic violence and healing from abuse. It updates daily with new shares, posts and pages from across the Internet. If this page takes too long to load, you can also view the at Protection from Domestic Violence. Be Included in Protection from […]

Gipsy’s Leaving Abuse Story

Just leave. Now. Get up right now and leave. It will not get better and you might never reach the point where you feel strong enough or dead enough to leave