Can You Be Financially Abused If You Have Access to Money?

You can be financially abused even if you earn your own money or have access to family funds. Financial abuse is more than you may think.

About Abuse

Any person, male or female, can be an abuser to any other male or female. Any type of close relationship such as marriage or homosexual partnerships, parent-child relationships, caregiver-elderly relationships and any other you can think of could be or become abusive. Women experience abuse more often than men, although newer statistics show the gap […]

Mountains From Molehills

When my husband tells me I am making mountains out of molehills, it means HE is the one doing it. HE is the one insisting on picking things apart. UGH!

Financial Power Transfer. Abuse at Its Best.

Ever so often my abusive husband throws a hissy fit and takes over paying the bills. I don’t care WHO pays the bills, but it is always always a big fight.

Pregnant & Worried

I’m very concerned about investing the little money we have into bonds or CD’s or something. Will is holding out to buy CD’s, but we need $1000 just to start one of those! Why not invest in SOME way while we can? Oh well. I guess I should let him handle that for now. If it gets really bad I’ll step back in. Maybe he feels like I’m invading “his” job space.