My Abusive Marriage Recap

While reorganizing this website, I came across some pages that don’t fit the site any longer. But I didn’t want to get rid of their brief synopses of the abuse suffered through the years. So I thought I’d add them to a brand new page and see if brevity works as well as deep explanation for […]

Emotional Drama Is Not Love But Abuser’s Smoke & Mirrors

Your body’s initial drama-love hormones settle down eventually. However, the memory of that intoxicating love can cause you to stick by your partner’s side, to wait it out. You’re sure the abuse is a fluke (if you notice it as abuse). Meanwhile, the abuser’s nasty comments and behaviors kick in full force. You’re partly in disbelief but mostly angry and hurt. You fight back fire with fire. But eventually, the war against abuse takes it toll on you.

Verbal Abuse Symptoms In Long-Term Relationships

Do you have these verbal abuse symptoms? If you are depressed, anxious, lonely or feel you do not know who you are anymore, or many other debilitating conditions both mental and physical, you might be a victim of verbal abuse and domestic abuse or violence.

Abuse Is Never Love But I Wanted It to Be

What I didn’t understand at the time was that if Will wanted to lash out at me, it did not matter what I said or did or how I said or did it. The purpose of yelling at me, accusing me of lying, telling me I was a horrid mother, insisting I was cheating and all the rest was to keep me off balance. To keep me confused. To keep me explaining myself to him so he did not have to explain himself to me.

Understanding Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is “street smarts,” as opposed to “book smarts” when speaking about emotional strength. Emotional intelligence accounts for a great deal of a person’s ability to navigate life effectively. We experience different levels of emotional intelligence based on our own life’s teachings and experiences.

Amanda’s Story of Abuse

Amanda’s Signs of Being Abused I always knew I was different. I was one of six children in the house, and I was the only one ever being hurt. Amanda’s Emotional Signs of Abuse Unworthiness, Disgust, Anger Amanda’s Story of Abuse Ever since I was a wee child I had it. Bruises, scars, blood, it all […]

Living With Domestic Abuse Suffocates You Under Its Weight

Living with domestic abuse feels like you’re carrying around a 500 pound weight–except you don’t realize you’re carrying the weight. You don’t remember how much grander life felt before you picked up the weight, because adding it to your burdens happened so gradually. Imperceptibly, Abuse built its home on your shoulders. Effects of Living With […]

Effects of Verbal Abuse Video

The Effects of Verbal Abuse & Emotional Fatigue [a couple minutes of needless video clipped here.] And when I did check my email yesterday, I found an email from a friend of mine who is kind of in the same situation. I’ve never met her, you all know how that goes online, and I won’t, of […]

About Abuse

Any person, male or female, can be an abuser to any other male or female. Any type of close relationship such as marriage or homosexual partnerships, parent-child relationships, caregiver-elderly relationships and any other you can think of could be or become abusive. Women experience abuse more often than men, although newer statistics show the gap […]

How Did I Get Here?

How did I become a victim? Yesterday my friend and I hit upon one answer. Or rather, one question that is actually RELEVANT to “How did I get here?”