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Information about our Survivors’ Mentoring program:

We can support you if you want to get out of an abusive relationship, or if you need to stay in an abusive relationship for now, or feel forced to stay in the abusive relationship forever, or if you left your abusive relationship and want help healing from it. All of our mentors are domestic abuse survivors.

We contact you through email only.

After Leaving Abuse: Dealing with Fear for Your Safety

Previous Post – Leaving Abuse: Before You Leave Emotions To Deal With After Leaving Your Abuser Immediately after leaving your abusive relationship, you tend to feel some conflicting emotions in no certain order: joy, pride, fear, and great sadness. I remember feeling them all at once sometimes in the days and weeks after separating from […]

Leaving Abuse: Ways to Feel Better Before You Go

I left my abusive husband 4 years and a month ago, but I clearly remember those first few months of freedom. It sure didn’t feel like freedom as depression and anxiety tore through me like tornadoes, first one direction and then another. My emotions seemed to control whether I could take a breath or not. […]

Stories of Leaving Abuse

Stories of leaving abuse are important because it’s too easy to think “Leaving is for the lucky and the strong! That’s not my situation…” This collection of stories of leaving abuse is different because it tells you how others left abusive relationships despite feeling weak and disadvantaged. Stories of Leaving Abuse List Planning to Leave Abuse Planning and […]

I Called My Local Sheriff’s Department (Non-Emergency)

I called the Sheriff’s department and spoke with the person in charge of domestic violence cases. I wanted to find out as much as I could about the process that occurs after calling the police to a domestic disturbance. Knowing what could happen if you call the police can give you the courage to actually call them if you need them.

Safety Planning for Domestic Violence and Abuse Victims

Safety planning is priority number 1 if you’re being abused. Safety planning should include knowledge-building, and this safety plan includes an education.

First Steps For Abuse Victims

These steps will help you clear your thinking after weeks or even years of abuse. Over time, you’ve likely developed some side-effects of abuse that weaken your ability to exercise personal choice and freedom. The beauty of these first steps is that they create and support confidence and clarity – two characteristics that will help […]

Emergency Plan = Emotional Pain

The emergency plan I created wasn’t perfect, and it wasn’t nearly “enough” – I wish I’d had a pre-packed bag, I wish I’d … it doesn’t matter.My two saving graces were my high-tech phone and my own bank log in information.

But if I had to do it over again, I would have pressed through the emotional pain of creating an emergency plan, a thorough emergency plan, before I had the need for it.

DD Form 2893 (Safety Plan)

Safety planning topics include what to do if an incident is in progress, what to do if you’re planning to leave, what to do after you’ve left, etc.