Depression Symptoms Show the Effects of Domestic Abuse

Depression symptoms and the effects of domestic abuse are eerily similar. Domestic abuse causes unhealthy┬áthinking habits. Then the thinking habits become depression symptoms (Verbal Abuse Symptoms In Long-Term Relationships). Let’s explore several symptoms of depression followed by thoughts on how domestic abuse influences or causes those depression symptoms. It’s important to talk to your doctor […]

The Effects Verbal Abuse Has on My Life: Losing Me

The effects verbal abuse have on me cause me to feel unlike myself. I feel dead inside, not knowing which way to turn to make things right again. It’s a disgusting and soul-killing way to live.

Depression After Leaving Abusive Relationship: Spiraling

Depression today has the same purpose as it had during my abusive relationship: to dull the good, feel the bad, and then try to fix me. But I’m not broken. My brain chemistry is broken. Domestic violence and abuse broke my brain.

Moody Depressed Alone

I’ve been so depressed & moody lately – I’ve been terrible. I either am so deeply in love that I can’t see, or else he is irritating the shit out of me.