Domestic Violence Response Strategy Saves Lives-Take a Quiz

Fatalities from domestic violence cases in Maryland are down 30% thanks to a simple 16 question checklist and a call to the National Domestic Violence Hotline at the time of the 911 call response. After the officer gives the quiz, she or he calls a number that allows the victim to talk to the National […]

Commitment Red Flags That Could Lead to Abuse

Most of us do not want to see commitment red flags that lead to abuse or violence. We want to believe we’ve found “the one” instead of an abusive predator. This video discusses why rushing to a commitment with anyone can lead to horrible treatment from an abusive partner.

Top 12 Signs of Abuse in Your Future

True love or abuser in disguise? You can’t tell by looking, so its important to know at least these top 12 signs of abuse in your future relationships.

The Unhealthy Silence of Abuse

The silence of abuse destroyed my ability to end the abuse in my marriage. I maintained my silence for many reasons, all of which made sense to me at the time. From a feeling of loyalty to feelings of fear, reaching out for help became harder and harder to imagine. I didn’t open myself to […]

Honor Your Fear and Act

If you are afraid, there is a reason.  Explore it before you’re in imminent danger.  Even if your abuser has never laid a hand on you, if your intuition tells you something is going to happen, trust yourself. I’ve found two books that said that the best indicator of future domestic violence is the victim’s […]

Alexandria’s Story of Leaving Abuse

Leaving wasn’t really planned. I had just had enough. Threatening me with my life was the final straw and it scared me to death, so I told my parents and I told him I wished him the best and I hoped he had a wonderful life. And then I thanked him for showing me what I didn’t want out of future relationships. I needed him to know that he didn’t break me.

Avoid Abuse In Relationships

You experienced an abusive relationship before, and your favorite personal goal is to avoid abuse entirely in every relationship from now on. Unfortunately, your experience tells you that you could be in love before you find out that your new mate is abusive! You’re smart enough to know that abusive people keep their true face carefully […]

It’s All You

Blame causes the victim to believe the abuse is their fault. The abuser claims, “You made me do that!” and “I wouldn’t lose my temper if you …!” Don’t believe it. If you were powerful enough to “make” them yell at you, then why aren’t you powerful enough to “make” them be nice to you?