Share Your Stories of Abuse Thru Writing, Art, Music & More

It isn’t 1950 anymore. We can make it our business when we hear screams, see fake smiles or sense something wrong with another family. It is our responsibility to safely offer help to men, women and children who we suspect suffer abuse.

Of Knights and Poets

The day came when she looked at herself in the mirror and didn’t recognize the countenance staring back at her. The dark spot within her hissed an evil laugh. She looked into her past and realized that, once upon a time, she was vibrant and lovable; she longed for that young woman to return. The dark spot laughed again, but this time, she took a hair pick and stabbed it deeply into her center, bright blood spilling onto the floor followed by black bile that writhed and twisted itself into a snake on the floor.

Dead Eyes

Dear Sisters With Bruises, Why did I try so hard to be married to THAT? Abuse cannot be ignored. Abusers will not change because you want them to change.

Creative Nonfiction Abuse Stories

List Creative NonFiction Abuse Stories and Poems Writing Creative NonFiction Abuse Stories & Poems Help Victims to Heal Past and present victims of domestic violence generally embody great senses of creativity, empathy and ability to love unconditionally. These traits, when cherished and admired by a healthy partner, help to create storybook love and life-long commitments. However, […]

The Haunted House – Explain Verbal Abuse

If you’ve tried to explain verbal abuse to anyone, you may have found yourself at a loss for words. You may doubt your ability to paint an exact picture, or maybe when the words come out, your friend gets a blank look on her face. You think she wants to say, “What’s so bad about that?”

Mike’s Story of Abuse

Mike’s Signs of Being Abused I eventually realized it was a bad situation. Mike’s Emotional Signs of Abuse Sadness, Anger, Guilt Mike’s Story of Abuse The Broken Child Your voice was like thunder that rocked my room and my world. It shook my soul and crushed my spirit. Where it came from doesn’t matter. You […]

Declaration of Freedom From Abuse

This declaration of freedom from abuse states my boundaries. I’ll use the word “you” because I am unwilling to put up with verbal abuse from anyone anymore.

Knot Spinning

Confusion and depression are hallmarks of abusive relationships. For the victim anyway – the abuser knows what they are trying to do. They want to weaken.

PTSD, an Anxiety Disorder, Leads to a Noisy Mind for Domestic Abuse Victims

I forgot how anxious I was until after I left my ex and experienced peace for the first time in 18 years. There is such a difference from when I lived with the abuse! If I’m not yet at peace, that’s okay. It will come. Whatever “this” is beats what I used to feel by a mile!

I Lived a Fairy Tale During Domestic Abuse

Once upon a time, I lived in a world of disapproval and fear. I listened to a man who demanded I make him happy, then grew angrier when I could not. I thought something was wrong with me, so I sought to change who I was to become more pleasing to that man. But as I changed […]